Thursday, 31 July 2008

What an acting ledge

I've just found a new podcast I rather like, it's by Armstrong and Miller through The Times (available on iTunes UK, or, no doubt, via The Times website). They play two of those arseholes who often pop up on Newsnight Review, you know the type. Handwringers.
Anyway, on the first episode they were discussing Heath Ledger's 'mesmerising' performance in the new Batman film. I really can't get my head around all this 'ooh, it's fantastic' stuff, you see, to me, acting is just pretending, isn't it? Nothing more.
As a kid I used to pretend all the time. One day a pilot, the next a fireman, the day after that Ponch off of CHiPs. These acting ponces are obviously children who've never grown up.
Of course the Academy, being the sentimental bastards they are, will give Ledger the Oscar. Which brings me onto the importance of the Oscars. Or the non-importance of the Oscars. Put it this way, Tom Hanks, Halle Berry and Jaime Foxx have all won Oscars. Which to me proves that those Oscars judges don't have a clue what they're talking about.
I have time for only three actors: Paddy Considine, Michael Caine and Helen Mirren. That's it.

Going back to Batman, I've seen an awful lot of it just recently while it was doing the promotional rounds. I have one health and safety point o raise: Batman is seen charging through a shopping mall with his cloak billowing behind him. Riding a bicycle or a motorcycle while wearing a cape is extremely dangerous. For a start the cloak could get wrapped around the chain and strangle Batman. Or the cloak could get wrapped around the chain and throw Batman off. Couldn't Batman's faithful old retainer, Alfred, have pointed out these H&R hiccups? Or perhaps Alfred wants him to die so he gets a big inheritance, Batman has no family, remember? No doubt he'd give all to charity. The worthy bastard.